Josh and Carla TriplettWe have finished our first term of one year living in the Dominican Republic (DR) and God has opened some big doors with more churches for us to come back a second term. God called us to the DR a little over a year ago. Since that moment we packed up, sold our stuff, moved there and have been equipping the churches through street evangelism, hearing God’s voice, prophetic worship, and healings. We also have started two projects; one to combat sex trafficking (DR is ranked 3rd in world) and another to help feed the poor.

Josh TriplettJoshua is a 3rd generation missionary. He grew up on the mission field in Argentina, S.A. He has since traveled to 16 countries around the world to minister. He is bilingual, fluent in both Spanish and English. He graduated from the University of Central Florida with his Bachelors in Business Administration. Joshua has served as a Children’s Pastor, a Youth Pastor, and a Young Adults Leader. Joshua also lead a group of young adults for 9 months in Argentina; ministering and equipping various churches with tools for street evangelism and walking in the supernatural. Joshua founded Gilgal Awakening Ministries; to help equip the church for the work of ministry.

Carla TriplettCarla is a pioneer of the faith. She is the first of her family to become a missionary of the King. She has traveled to 3 countries now to minister the name of Jesus. Carla is currently living as a missionary with her husband (Joshua) in the Dominican Republic for nearly a year now. She received her training at Convergence School of Supernatural Ministry in Fort Worth, TX. She also has her Bachelors in Business Administration. Carla has a strong prophetic anointing on her life and God uses her to speak into churches, leaders, and various governmental positions everywhere she goes.

We are excited to return to the Dominican Republic and continue with the call God has placed on our lives. In this last year of ministry we’ve had the opportunity to see God radically transform the hearts of His people. We’ve seen countless people physically healed (and set free) and watched an entire church of 1,600 members rise to new levels of God’s power. God has moved through our ministry in a mighty way and with such great results that now three more churches have asked us to come and equip their people when we return.